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Since the founding of the Lifewave World Team, we have focused on building a strategic, world-class distribution organization with our partners.
Who are we?

Since the founding of the LifeWave World Team, we have focused on strategically building a strong, strong sales organization with each of our partners and training as many leaders as possible. We want to build a long-term business with you step by step, train you in the area of ​​network marketing / sales and build up an increasing income for you. Through our many years of experience in network marketing, we know exactly what to do to make you successful.

Why did we choose LifeWave?

In this day and age, it is very important to be protected. Old-age poverty, and low pensions are already many and will affect as well as all the younger generations. Finding a safe, well-paid job has become almost impossible. Saving is no longer possible for many due to low income. Why not take another path, make a different provision and eventually lead a financially carefree life?

Network Marketing has long been the industry of the future with years of extreme growth and today's opportunity for anyone to escape the ordinary, stressful everyday and lead a financially carefree life. Through the Internet, Apps, Skype, etc., it has become very easy to work from home without any problems. The only thing you need is a laptop or PC. Of course, you can therefore build the Lifewave business completely online. Most network marketing companies find it extremely hard for a beginner to earn an income because they often paint experience and proper training. We are a very experienced team of distributors and networkers who have been successful in the industry for decades


We were looking for a new, future-oriented network marketing company for over a year. After a thorough research, we finally opted for LifeWave because everything is just right there. The company has been successful on the market since 2004, strong in turnover, debt-free, legally secured in all countries and in private hands. There is no financial risk for the distributors.


The products are unique, have a proven, suitable for the users and a very good price / performance ratio. The back office is easy to understand and equipped with the latest technologies. Everything is easy to do at the touch of a button. For example, everyone gets their own, ready-made online shop and can easily find the products online. New distribution partners can be registered within 1 minute and placed as desired. The Play / App Store has the LifeWave app with lots of information about the company and its products. In addition, Lifewave offers free online training and business presentations. We regularly hold presentations for those interested in German and Turkish.

What can you do with us?

The distribution system, which has been proven for more than 15 years, makes it possible to build a stable, growing income within a few months of intensive cooperation with us. We want to help you build a large, high-revenue distribution organization and build a growing, long-term income with you step by step. You get a top position in our strong sales and full support from the best. Through our strong team of top industry executives and our unique compensation system, you will automatically benefit proportionately from our sales and distribution partners.


Our proven fair compensation plan is the same as no matter what time it is. You can not overtake anyone, no matter where it is in the sales structure, even the topmost position. Everyone can achieve the same thing, which is not possible in many, partially forbidden snowball systems. Everyone is committed to teamwork, so no one has to try to succeed on their own.


So you want to learn everything about network marketing, sales development and self-employment as a networker. In our team are countless partners who have a lot of experience and network marketing full-time practice.

How to start?

Quite simply, you contact us via the contact form or chat and we will contact you as soon as possible. We discuss everything else in peace and answer all the questions.


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