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Christiane P: "For me, the favorite is clearly Icewave. Real as described Pain relief or the pain is sometimes completely gone within seconds for local and local pain. Thought about a placebo effect but it was gone. As with tension or So there is no idea. Who wants to do without painkillers should give it a try. Above all, the quick effect is awesome, with tablets you have to wait an hour. Just try it out. You can send it back. "

Kai E: "I have been using Silent Nights plasters for sleep disorders for a long time. It takes a few days and I had to try several acupuncture points, but after a few days I slept much better. So 10 minutes after the glue, I feel very calm and somehow tired."

Sirko S: "X39 is awesome. I can't describe the exact effect like that, it is somehow much better in general terms. I feel extremely fit and better, I also sleep much better. I have been suffering from depression for a few years, sometimes more times less. X39 helps me a lot. Good replacement for antidepressants, which I don't believe in. "

Thomas S: "I tested Y Age Aeon for a month, supposed to help against stress. I'm actually a guy who doesn't believe in anything like that, but I was given a package as a gift. Whatever it is. The effect comes relatively quickly, you are more relaxed and More resilient all day long. For me it's actually quite good because I have a stressful, responsible job. I think I'll buy you more often.



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