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What does lifewave have to offer?

LifeWave was founded in 2004 by the inventor and entrepreneur David Schmidt. The healthcare technology company's goal is to make the road to health and prosperity easier than ever. LifeWave offers self-produced health products that can improve the quality of life worldwide.


With LifeWave's unique, global business opportunity, you can easily achieve success within months of starting your business. Based in San Diego, California, the company is privately held and is debt-free. There are several outlets such as in Ireland. In 2018, a company turnover of 50 million dollars was achieved, tendency in 2019 rising sharply by the opening of Turkey and Japan

You can work internationally in over 100 countries, of course online.

What products are there?

Exclusive Products

  • Self-developed health technology based on science results and over 70 clinical trials

  • Products that deliver immediate results, such as pain relief, increased mental clarity, and increased energy during exercise

  • Extremely positive testimonials from professional athletes and Olympic champions, with which you immediately get attention

  • Products featured in 4 New York Times bestsellers and numerous magazines / newspapers including Esquire, ESPN Magazine and Men's Fitness

  • Recommendation of technology and products by healthcare professionals around the world

How do the products work?
How you can earn money?

One-time compensation system

  • Proven remuneration system for over

  • 15 years Commission payments that are among the most generous in direct sales

  • No sale needed

  • Everyone is equal, no one has pros and cons, no matter at what time he has boarded

  • Multiple ways to earn profits immediately

  • Income even without team building

  • A very simple but effective bonus structure that opens up even more earning potential

  • Proportionate contribution to the total turnover of the team, no matter from whom, no matter where

  • Numerous ways to a long-term, passive income Low, one-time registration fee starting at $ 25, to minimize your financial risk Sideline possible to start Unlimited, long-term income

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