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Lifewave is a direct selling / network marketing company. It can also be called multi-level marketing or structure distribution. Network Marketing has been a recognized form of distribution in Germany for more than 50 years and registered approx. 1,800,000 million sales partners in 2018 and is ranked number one in Europe with a turnover of 18 billion euros. Many well-known and successful companies in this industry have sprung up in Germany. While a lot of "normal" companies in the economy go bankrupt, almost all jobs go down, etc. Network marketing companies like Lifewave are growing strongly and are continuously increasing their sales. Many network marketing companies make sales every company dreams of. Lifewave had sales of $ 50 million in 2018, and is growing strongly.












What is Network Marketing? Why Network Marketing?

Network marketing is nothing more than a form of direct marketing. Members of the company can buy products directly from the company at their purchase price and resell them to end customers without intermediaries such as retailers. Many just use the products themselves. Sales are not absolutely necessary. In addition, a sales organization (downline) can be set up where everyone just does the same thing.


You are proportionately paid to the total turnover of the organization, no matter who makes the sales. This is linked to a commission-based compensation system that offers various performance-related commissions. The sales come about through purchases of distribution partners, that's all. Many companies, like Lifewave, pay very high commissions compared to others. The larger the sales organization, the higher the earnings. A merit limit does not exist at Lifewave. It is possible to earn € 500 a month, but also € 50,000 or more a month (of course, not overnight).


This is not possible in any other industry. Network Marketing is the only industry in which anyone can succeed and start big without starting capital.


Especially in England, network marketing is on the rise, as more and more people are looking for alternatives to escape their ordinary, dissatisfied life and to improve their financial situation. As most people today do not look well financially and professionally, the pension system will never really change and improve, as everyone hopes, for many people network marketing is a good alternative and more and more are coming to the fore. Private provision is no longer a problem today. What used to be an issue in times of good retirement is now standard.


Are you happy with your life, do you have a well-paid, steady, secure job? Do you still want change, more money, more success, more time for friends and family? It is never too late.


Unfortunately, network marketing is often compared to illegal pyramid schemes, but it's all about recruiting new members, not product marketing. Often there is no product or only for camouflage, which is tried to sell within the structure. Often you can see them at high entry fees for what but you get no return. Most of these business models are found on the Internet, especially in the social media area. The backers are mostly unknown. Ponzi usually work only a few weeks or months before they are revealed or no new people come to them. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for the layman to recognize whether it is serious or rip-off, which then quickly fall into it, because it sounds so great. That is why accurate examination of the offer is important.

Note: Whoever promises you fast money is lying to you! Keep away from such people and companies. There is no such thing and never will be! Unfortunately, there are thousands of offers on the Internet, thousands of which fall in every day.

Why exactly is LifeWave?


Now you know how the marketing network works. There are hundreds of good companies, why LifeWave now? LifeWave has been active in more than 100 countries since 2004. With annual sales of 50 billion Dollar, the company has generated strong sales since its foundation, which is debt-free, legally secured and privately owned. There is no financial risk for distributors. It can start very cheap and you do not have to invest thousands of euros. Lifewave is growing and sales increases in Japan and Turkey have recently opened new countries and locations. LifeWave is a 100% secure and transparent company whose revenues are increasing every year and whose LifeWave payments are paid on time each Monday. You can transfer money directly to your bank account or use the Lifewave Visa card, which allows you to shop, refuel, withdraw money etc. everywhere. Each market is automatically "billed" by the system.


The most important thing is: The product is handy, unique, patented, not too expensive and has a proven utility for the user. Without a good product it will not work in the long run.

The LifeWave Remuneration System can be found here


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