FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What if my customer doesn't like the product?
There is a 30 day money back guarantee for every customer and preferred customer. Due to the corona crisis, this has been extended to 90 days.
Do the products cure diseases?
The plasters support health and can relieve symptoms, but are not medication! We strongly advise against healing statements.
Is there a financial risk as a sales partner?
There are minimal, manageable costs for access to the back office / online shop for € 25 or the starter package worth € 135. But you also get something in return, e.g. several products. If that's too much for you to be self-employed, leave it alone.
I'm always skeptical about something, is that really legal?
We do not operate an illegal pyramid scheme / pyramid game etc. with high investment sums, for which you get nothing or bogus products, as is common in such a system. These "companies" are mostly short-lived and disappear again after 1-2 years. This is often said when it comes to network marketing, but it is not true. It is better to inform yourself about this than to have unsuspecting belief. We would be happy to advise you.
LifeWave is a serious, very successful company for 16 years , in which nobody is ripped off or disadvantaged. LifeWave offers you and your customers several added values, so you can recommend it with a clear conscience.
Do I have obligations as a partner?
No! You have no hidden costs, subscriptions etc. You can stop at any time or have your account deleted. You are also not dependent on anyone, not even on me, although you register through me. Every transaction runs directly through the company.
Do I have to register a business?
Every income must be declared to the tax office in the tax return. Of course there are allowances, you do not pay tax on 50 € immediately. In the back office you can download all bills, commission statements, etc. As a LifeWave sales partner you are self-employed on the side.
I have no idea about network marketing / sales and I don't know anyone who does that. How do i start
We are a large team of experienced networkers / sales professionals and teach you everything step by step. Business is not magic and we keep it as simple as possible. We show you how to find new customers and partners regularly without any problems. We do webinars, trainings, etc. every week

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